Letters From
Dr. Shallenberger’s Patients

“Dr. Shallenberger turned around my 16 years of pain and disability”
“After 16 years of terrible pain, muscle spasms, limited use of back and legs, and sleepless nights due to having my car hit by a truck which was followed by three surgeries and major staph infection damage, I assumed I'd be miserable the rest of my days.  Dr. Shallenberger turned all that around.  He also started me on a low dose bio-identical hormones which has given me a great deal more energy and has helped with some gradual weight loss. “
    Barbara Toma-Steele
    Pine Grove, California

“My arteries are clean thanks to Dr. Shallenberger”
“The United States of America needs more REAL physicians like Dr. Shallenberger who are looking for CURES, not just writing drug prescriptions.  With nutritional guidance, Bi- Identical Hormone replacement, and chelation, I now have a strong heart.  My arteries are clean and my health is getting better all the time. I am 77 years young.”
    Gardnerville, Nevada

"20 years of chronic pain gone!"
“After 20 years of chronic pain, I am feeling better and am more conscious of experiencing a more joyous life.  Dr. Shallenberger is an unassuming, beautiful human being and a physician who uses wisdom and compassion, in the way that he cares for people and assists in the healing process.”
    Michele Anderson
    Harper, Kansas

“Dr. Shallenberger literally saved my life”
When I was told at the hospital about doing bypass surgery for four blocked arteries (one at 50%, two at 90%, and one at 100% blocked), I had a feeling of gloom; but when I went to the Nevada Center the feeling was of hope.  Dr. Shallenberger literally saved my life.
    Norman Young
    Gardnerville, Nevada

“I was able to stop taking 13 drugs”
Dr. Shallenberger turned my life around.  Following his program, my diabetes has normalized, and he gradually got me off 13 prescription drugs.  My weight is lower than it has been in at least 30 years; I’ve lost around 60 pounds.  I feel much younger than my 62 years. 
    Shirley S. Harshman
    Placerville, California

“Conventional doctors gave me no hope”
Dr. Shallenberger’s work, and work well.   I’ve found Dr. Shallenberger to be an honest, compassionate man who is deeply committed to his patients. He’s a skilled healer. I recommend him with no reservation what so ever. If my cancer ever comes back I won’t hesitate to walk through his clinic door once again.
    Michael Short
    Petersburg, Alaska

“I owe my life to Dr, Shallenberger”
“I would recommend Dr. Shallenberger for anyone who needs to have a quality life.  Emotional or physical, imbalances, weight issues, and so many other ailments.  I owe my life to Dr. Shallenberger and the Nevada Center…and I feel twenty-five years younger.”
    Emily Bernardo
    New City, New York

"Healed without drugs or surgery"
“The doctors at the emergency room told me I had a blockage and needed to see a ‘cardiologist’s cardiologist’ before procedures were done. I had gone through this whole routine with my parents and knew the doctors were going to recommend a bypass.  So I said ‘no thanks’ and went to Dr. Shallenberger instead. Today, my resting heart rate is 62 and my blood pressure is 150/80.  All without drugs or surgery.
    Ethel C. Tribe
    Wellington, Nevada

“Dr. Shallenberger helped me get well again”
In  2002 I was experiencing a variety of medical challenges and sought treatment. I interviewed numerous doctors, both conventional and alternative. Immediately upon meeting Dr. Shallenberger, I was convinced he was the perfect fit for me. My health immediately improved.
     Sheila Juskiw, Nurse Practitioner
    Reno, Nevada

“Dr. Shallenberger has saved my life”
I may not be “cured” of hepatitis C, but I’ve learned how to live with it, and I feel great.  Dr. Shallenberger and The Nevada Center has saved my life!
    Mark C. Bates
    Carson City, Nevada 

"Back healed without surgery"
My husband hurt his back and was told he needed surgery.  Dr. Shallenberger treated his back with well-placed Prolozone shots and healed his back without surgery.  Then my husband fell from a roof and sustained traumatic head injuries.  He had blood clots in both his arms.  Dr. Shallenberger helped my husband to have a great recovery without drugs.  We’re so grateful.
    Shirley S. Harshman
    Placerville, California

“I have a normal life again”
I had been suffering with painful, difficult-to-use knees, a painful right hip, and a painful left foot.  Also I had been suffering from frequent outbreaks of herpes.  All these conditions have been corrected to the point that I am now leading a very normal life thanks to Dr. Shallenberger.
    Richard Fraige

“I am 40 years old but I feel 20 again”
I have completely benefited from Dr. Shallenberger’s medical talents.  He got me on bio-identical hormones and vitamins that give me the energy I’ve been lacking for years.  I am 40 years old, but I feel 20 again!  Thanks to Dr. S. and staff for changing my life forever and for the better!
    Gail Heiserman

“Dr. Shallenberger is a doctor who cares”
I cannot say enough good things about Dr. Shallenberger and his staff.  They are all so caring and helpful. The staff and all the patients become a very close-knit family.  If my cancer ever returns, I will be at The Nevada Center as quickly as I can get there.  However, I am extremely confident that the cancer preventative program he has me on, together with balancing my entire system, will not allow the cancer to ever return.
    Karen Johnson
    Clarion, Iowa

“My cancer was cured without bankrupting me”
“We had worried about the costs of cancer.  And for good reason. With conventional treatment it usually costs between $350,000 and a half million dollars or more to die of cancer in this country, and that’s with good insurance coverage that pays 80%.  Cancer bankrupts people who are left to pay 20% of those huge amounts. We found that for about 10% of those costs a person could seek select alternative treatments, and get to live.  We went to The Nevada Center under the remarkable care of Frank Shallenberger.  And I’m alive today because of it.”
    Michael Short
    Petersburg, Alaska

"Saved from surgery"
My husband was going to have surgery on his back, but thanks to Dr. Shallenberger he didn’t have to have surgery, and he’s completely healed.  The Nevada Center is a Godsend.
    Gail Heiserman

“One of the few I would trust with my health”
“Dr. Shallenberger is one of the few Physicians that I would trust implicitly with my health.  He continuously seeks to advance his knowledge of medicine out of a sincere curiosity and desire to help patients in general.” 
    Annie Brandt
    Breast Cancer Surviver
    Co-Founder Elka-Best Foundation

“I tell everyone I meet about Dr. Shallenberger”
“I am so pleased with Dr. Shallenberger’s services, I tell to everyone I meet.”
    Jim Killpack

“Doctors had written me off”
“I was so tired with unexplained rashes, collapsed lungs, pleurisy, swelling and joint pain, headaches, foggy thinking, cold hands and feet, and a lot of other unexplained issues. My doctors would just write me off with a diagnosis of Sjogren’s Syndrome, and tell me to take Advil for the pain or send me off with a prescription for an antibiotic because there isn’t anything that can be done. My mother basically dragged me to your office. I was skeptical and didn’t want to be there.  But you were different.  Everything you made sense to me, so I made the decision to start and religiously stay on your path to wellness. I’m doing much better.  Please accept this plaque as a token of our gratitude.”
    Nicholas Jevne
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