The Facts About
The Gallagher Sisters

Before I ever knew Susan Gallagher existed, I treated her sister Ellen.  Ellen had an undiagnosed neurological condition.  Her doctors had given her powerful drugs which took her almost to the point of death.  

By the time Ellen was taken to see me, she was in a wheelchair, drooling, unable to lift her head, and unable to say one word.

I told Ellen’s life-partner, Caryn King, that I could help Ellen feel better but that in no way could I reverse what had been done to her.  I then referred them to a clinic I knew and respected for an evaluation for stem cell therapy.  I thought that if anything could possibly help her, it might be that. 

In the meantime, I suggested that we utilize some nutritional and detoxifying therapies, since I knew this would make her feel better, and would potentially set the stage for a good response to stem cells if she decided to go that way.

Ellen stayed for treatment for three weeks.  At the end of this time, she was able to stand up and take a few steps for the first time in almost a year. She was even able to speak a few words.  This was witnessed by me, my staff, and Ellen’s life-partner Caryn. 

Please keep in mind that Caryn makes her living as a Medical Examiner and is very informed about medical matters.  Here is Caryn’s account of what happened:

"Ellen had a tremendous desire to live.  She spent years receiving one experimental drug after another.  With each drug she got worse.  She ran endless tests.  They put a port directly into her heart and performed plasma pharisis numerous times over several years.  They did many spinal taps, MRIs, endless blood draws, two brain biopsies and many more tests.

Ellen spent week after week in the hospital, away from her friends, her home and the garden she loved so much. I slept more nights that I can count in a hospital lounge chair next to Ellen's bed.  Several times she almost died. 
Then after four years, the doctor called us all into his office.  He told us Ellen was going to die soon and very likely within the month.  The last drug they had given her, a very strong chemotherapy, had caused tremendous harm to her brain. 

I told the doctor I was taking Ellen home.  I cared for Ellen and made sure she had healthy foods she liked.  I took her to a nutritionist that was recommended by a couple of friends from my work.  Ellen's blood work improved and she had more energy.

The nutritionist recommended we see you in Nevada since Ellen's case was complicated.  It turned out you are the same doctor that helped my mother many years ago and my mother credits you with saving her life. 

I talked with Ellen about it and she wanted to try as she had no other hope.

I spoke with you on the phone for almost an hour and then sent you Ellen's medical records.  I called Ellen's primary care doctor in Sacramento and described the possible treatments we had discussed after you reviewed her medical files.  Ellen's doctor said there was no harm in the treatments and it was worth a try.

Ellen's sisters claim the treatments you gave Ellen were harmful and expensive.  Neither was true.  Ellen only received vitamins, minerals, oxygen and a steroid to balance the steroid her primary care doctor was already giving her.  The money was less than the price of a local vacation. 

Ellen's sisters claim Ellen did not have the capacity to make the decision to come to see you.  They clearly did not spend the time with her that I, the health care workers and her two closest friends had done. 

Ellen and I knew when we came to see you it was as a last hope.  Unfortunately, all of the prior treatments she received and her illness had already done too much damage.

I brought Ellen to see you for four treatments per month for two months, for a total of eight treatments.  After the first month Ellen began to talk again, something she had not done for nearly a year.  Ellen spoke in front of the two healthcare workers and myself.

The third month I brought Ellen for her treatment, and Ellen's sister Anne came to meet with you.  She began verbally attacking you.  

Later that night Ellen indicated she wanted to go home.  The next morning I took her home to Sacramento discontinuing her final two treatments. 

A few months later Ellen had a stroke in her sleep.  On Labor Day, Ellen made her transition.

Dr. Shallenberger, Ellen and I were both grateful to you for the hope and for the brief reprieve from silence for Ellen. To regain her ability to speak for that couple of months allowed Ellen some relief from the frustration of not be able to share what she wanted to say.

I am terribly sorry for problems caused by Ellen's sisters.  It is sad her sisters have persisted with their unfounded attacks against you.  Ellen wouldn't have wanted this.  This defies everything Ellen advocated for or how she lived her life."

- Caryn King
After Ellen’s death, her sisters Anne and Susan complained about my treatments to the Nevada Medical Board.  Exactly what they were accusing me of was never clear.  In any event, the board investigated the case and summarily dismissed it. 

They then took the case to the Nevada State Board of Homeopathic Medical Examiners, because I am also licensed under that board.  Once again, after investigating the case, it was dismissed. 

And that’s when Susan Gallagher started using the only tactic she had left – attacking me, the Nevada state medical boards, the other alternative doctors in Nevada, and the state of Nevada in general.

The problem with the Susan Gallaghers of the world is that they scare people away from safe, effective alternatives that save lives.

A Lot of People Are Dying from Conventional Medicine

Every year, over 100,000 people die from properly prescribed drugs. Even more die from improperly prescribed drugs.  That’s a lot of dead people that could have been saved. 

Of course, many close-minded people still view what I do as “unproven.”  But they are not my patients.  And they have not talked with the thousands of patients I have successfully treated over the years who could get no help at all from traditional medicine.

You can see what some of my patients have to say here

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